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Registration Fees

Registration Fees

Presenter Early Bird Normal
Oral Student 750.000 (IDR) 1.000.000 (IDR)
Oral General 1.000.000 (IDR) 1.250.000 (IDR)
Poster Student 300.000 (IDR) 500.000 (IDR)
Poster General 500.000 (IDR) 750.000 (IDR)
Student 300.000 (IDR) 500.000 (IDR)
General 500.000 (IDR) 750.000 (IDR)
Online Registration (Presenter-Non Presenter)
International Student $50 (USD) $70 (USD)
International General $75 (USD) $100 (USD)

Payment to: 0092499713 (Bank Central Asia) Dyah Wulandari

Terms and Condition

  1. Participants who want to participate in this event should register using the link that is given and pay the registration
    fee through the bank account that is given above.
  2. Proof of payment MUST be attached in the registration link.
  3. All registration fees are non-refundable. If there are difficulties, please contact the committee via Whatsapp, email,
    or other social media listed below.
Click the "Registration Form" or scan the QR Code above